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G. Martufi, M. Katz, P. Neves, M. Curado, M. Castrucci, P. Simoes, E. Piri, and K. Pentikousis, "Extending WiMAX to new scenarios: Key results on system architecture and testbeds of the WEIRD project", in Proc. Second European Symposium on Mobile Media (EUMOB), Oulu, Finland, July 2008. Invited paper.

Abstract—Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks based on IEEE 802.16 standards are in the deployment phase in many countries. In fact, this technology can deliver high data rate while covering long distances, being a suitable candidate to solve the problem of digital divide and thus being able to provide connectivity in isolated and impervious areas. This paper presents the results of the EU Integrated Project WEIRD (WiMAX Extension to Isolated Research Data networks), in which WiMAX technology has been used to provide connectivity in impervious areas to perform volcano monitoring, fire prevention and telemedicine. In particular, we describe the advantages of the WEIRD system architecture and we show how WiMAX testbeds have been set up within the project to demonstrate the possibility to use WiMAX to extend the connectivity of the panEuropean data communication network GEANT2 to stringent scenarios.
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TagsNetworks, Mobile computing, Applications
Project—WEIRD (6/2006-5/2008). More »

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