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B. Sousa, K. Pentikousis, and M. Curado, "Evaluation of multimedia services in Mobile WiMAX", in Proc. Seventh International ACM Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia (MUM), Umea, Sweden, December 2008, pp. 64-70.

Abstract—Mobile WiMAX defines an architecture for metropolitan area broadband wireless access networks based on IEEE 802.16e. One of the most important characteristics of WiMAX is support of applications with different QoS requirements in terms of delay, jitter and bandwidth. We briefly review IEEE 802.16 and the mobile WiMAX network reference model and discuss how IEEE 802.21 can enhance mobility management. Mobile WiMAX is often cited as an important 4G contender. We evaluate via simulation its capacity to support real time applications in high-speed vehicular scenarios and assess the potential of using crosslayer information made available by IEEE 802.21/MIH. Our results indicate that using MIH information allows for the fulfillment of multimedia application requirements. On the other hand, the requirements of such applications are far from being fulfilled when MIH assistant information is not employed.
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TagsNetworks, Mobile computing, Applications
Project—WEIRD (6/2006-5/2008). More »

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