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P. Neves, T. Nissila, T. Pereira, I. Harjula, J. Monteiro, K. Pentikousis, S. Sargento, and F. Fontes, "A vendor-independent resource control framework for WiMAX", in Proc. 13th IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications (ISCC), Marrakech, Morocco, July 2008, pp. 899-906.

Abstract—In this paper, a novel solution to dynamically control the resources of a WiMAX system is proposed. The presented solution is aligned with the NGN trends, as well as with the WiMAX Forum guidelines and architecture. The interaction with the WiMAX systems is performed through SNMP, supporting the standardized IEEE 802.16f MIB. Furthermore, the paper defines an horizontal abstraction layer, hiding the WiMAX equipments specific functionalities from the network control plane, thus providing robustness and vendor independency. In order to verify the performance of the proposed framework, a WiMAX testbed has been installed, and a set of measurements have been made, showing that the proposed system ensures a quick resource allocation, even for a large number of simultaneous resource reservation requests.
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